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Our programme gives our most innovative customers the opportunity to share their feedback on the brand new Exelero HR Suite and shaping Exelero’s current and upcoming features.

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Exelero is re-defining the role of hiring, performance, and engagement within the companies of tomorrow.

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The Exelero Early Access Program is your opportunity to put your people first, by implementing a people strategy that aligns with your company vision and values.

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Meet 1:1 with our product and marketing lead to explore the full potential of the Exelero Suite. Share your feedback and become a part of the solution.

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Join the Programme for 4 months, during which you can try the full Exelero HR suite. After this period, you’ll be presented with a unique offer, only available to Early programme members.

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Become a member of the Customer Advisory Board and connect with other trailblazers. Share insights that will shape the future of HR for growing companies.

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Our programme is designed to give all relevant stakeholders the opportunity to test and share their feedback on the brand new Exelero HR suite.

If you’re a registered company with employees, you’re eligible!
Please contact our team to find out more.

The Exelero Early programme offers suitable companies the opportunity to try out our HR suite for 4 months for free. You will also gain exclusive access to our introductory pricing at the end of the initial 4 month period.

Yes! Upon joining the Exelero Early programme, we will require you to sign an NDA.

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